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King of the Road

King of the Road: Overcoming Road Rage (mini-book) is an overview of how to approach the heart of anger we feel when driving. While steering clear of simple behavior modification, King of the Road addresses the core heart issues of why we become angry in the first place.

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The Black & White Thinking Christian

Before the Image Model was a series of blogs about the Black and White Thinking Christian. This resource is the culmination of the blogs, edited and expanded into a book. If you are a Black and White Thinking Christian, or you know someone who is, this resource will outline strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth that will help gain understanding and insight into the Black & White Thinker.

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The Image Model

Created in His Image, men and women reflect the very nature of God. Our perceptions, interpretations, and processes reflect God’s moral nature, and well as His relational nature as well. We are created, essentially, by design.  Check back for updates!

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By Design:

Created Like Him. Relating Like Him.

Becoming Like Him.

by Fred Jacoby, MA

Coming in 2020

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