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By Design is a biblically-based, Christ-Centered personality profile rooted in being created in the Image of God (Gen 1:26).
By Design – The Image Model:

…find this model helpful in their marriages.


…find this model helpful when understanding their children.


…find this model helpful when shepherding and leading their churches.


…find this model helpful when managing people and tasks.


…find this model helpful for understanding their students.

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Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness”— Gen 1:26

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Download and print the Image Inventory below. Place a mark on the sliding scale which best reflects your character or what is most important to you. Make sure that you do not mark on the line, but choose a side! There is no right or wrong answer. Though what is most important may vary based on the situation, mark what you reflect most often.


We reflect God’s “Moral” and “Relational” aspects in how we interpret and process events, actions, and words.

Making a Difference

We appreciate the valuable feedback given by those served. If you have a moment, check out the reviews!

“Fred’s practical, workshop driven approach sheds a blinding light on what drives our thinking, which in turn helps us know ourselves better. Every thought and idea are premised with the degree of acceptance of the grace of God in our lives as the cornerstone by which all successful relationships are built. Whether he is speaking to a conference of pastors or an individual couple searching for answers he is well equipped to make a difference!”

Mark Mitchell, Spruce Lake Retreat Center Director

“Thank you, Fred.  This is outstanding!”

Pastor Brian King, West Windsor Baptist Church

“I found that information in your presentation so valuable to many different relationships and it really helped me understand the dynamics between some of my students more clearly.”

Rebecca, School Teacher

By Design:

Created Like Him. Relating Like Him.

Becoming Like Him.

by Fred Jacoby, MA

Coming in 2020

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